We start your bat from select trees from Western Pennsylvania that are aged to maturity.  We harvest the trees and select which ones are suitable for bats (less than 20%).  Wood that will not make a bat go into some other products we make (for furniture, flooring and other interior hardwood applications).   The acceptable pieces will be manufactured into premium billets and then into a BWP Bat.  Every bat made in our factory follows a rigid 14 step quality control process to ensure you get what you deserve-each and every time.  This process is performed with great care by skilled craftsmen who have been in the wood industry for many years or are actual baseball players.... 


The Process-





BWP has the capacity to produce over 2000 units per week which ensures you with a quick,

dependable lead time.  It also yields us great efficeincies in our manufacturing, which we choose

to carry on in our pricing to our customers.....




BWP controls all facets of the manufacturing process, which is unique in the industry.  Would

you buy from a butcher that doesn't control where his meat comes from?   Then why not buy

from a company that controls their wood?





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